Temporary urban intervention_SOS

Temporary urban intervention in the vertical city: a place-making project to re-activate the public spaces in Hong Kong Francesco Rossini Journal of Urban Design 30 August 2018 This paper describes the effects of Seating for Socializing (SOS), a place-making project designed to revitalize open public spaces in Hong Kong which suffer from a lack of …

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The notion of ground

The notion of ground: a definition of urban permeability in Hong Kong and Barcelona Francesco Rossini ACE: architecture, city and environment October 2018 The famous plan of Rome by Nolli (1748) illustrates the permeability of the urban structure of the city using a figure-ground representation and for the first time including the courtyards and internal …

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Urban design and informal settlements

Urban design and informal settlements: placemaking activities and temporary architectural interventions in BaSECo compound Francesco Rossini URBAN DESIGN International 30 August 2021 In Manila, like many regions in the global south, the steady march towards urbanisation has generated an intensive urban landscape of high-rise buildings and large patterns of unplanned and often illegal settlements. Although …

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Public open space in high density cities: the case of Hong Kong‚Äč Francesco Rossini Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability 14 September 2023 Using a combination of empirical research methods such as spatialanalysis and on-site observation, this article aims to shed light onthe physical and social characteristics of 27 Public Open …

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Articles Book Chapters Conference Papers Articles 14 Sep 2022 Public open space in high density cities: the case of Hong Kong Keywords:¬†Public Spaces; Urban Design Guidelines; Spatial analysis; On-site Observation; Hong Kong 30 July 2021 Urban design and informal settlements: placemaking activities and temporary architectural interventions in BaSECo compound Keywords: Informal settlements; Placemaking; Urban design; Upgrading strategies; Architecture …

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