Land and City 2021 Thesis Land and design This course introduces fundamental concepts and ideas of urban design and planning starting from a historical perspective, introducing important theories to analyze and understand the dynamics and complexities that characterize the urban environment.From the study of the Greek polis to the origins of modern town planning of

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Learning from Barcelona Elective Course Learning from Barcelona (course outline) International Summer Workshop in Collaboration with UPC Barcelona. General Topic (_) Academic Year 2016-2017 General Topic Learning from Barcelona Academic Year 2016-17 Sector Teaching Discipline Architectural Design Studio NEXT (-) Architectural Design Studio

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Mapping the Informality 2017 Elective Course Analysis as Knowledge This course offers the opportunity to explore the area of the Baseco Compound, one of the densest informal settlements in Manila. In the last 10 years, the district has suffered from natural disasters and high levels of crime and poverty. Due to its proximity to Manila

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City as Assemblage 2019 Deisign Studio Reimagining Porta Genova Rail Station Area in Milan / Meatpacking District New York As the financial capital of Italy, Milan has a remarkable concentration of industrial, commercial and service activities. It is also a capital of the fashion and design industry and a cosmopolitan cultural hub lying at the

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Studio U5 2015 Design studio Using architectural design to investigate contextual response and place-making The idea of relating a building to its context represents a basic understanding in designing architecture on a site, and in the company of other buildings. At the level of building, it exploits the unique quality of a site, informs the

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