What’s the Potential of 7.6 m2

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Location: Singapore

Year: 2017

7.6m2 is the amount of public space per person in Singapore, which compared to other Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul is quite generous. The concept of this temporary urban design intervention attempts to reflect on the potential of this abstract number with the aims to transform a generic open space of the city in something meaningful for the community.

Paraphrasing Yi-Fu Tuan, (1977) place is not only a fact to be explained in the broader frame of space, but it is also a reality to be clarified and understood from the perspectives of the people who have given it meaning.

The use of fluorescent colours intends to attract the visual interest of the passers, while the graphic text acting as a promotional advertisement invites the people to a close reading. The big text represents the actions while the small texts suggest ironically how to use and interact with the installation. To Play, to Think, to Rest and to Explore are some of the activities suggested by this temporary urban design intervention.

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