Architectural Design Studio


Dance Movement Project

CHUI Yiu Chun, Jay SZETO Tsz Yui
Analysis and translation of movement
The movement of Rebecca’s dance was translated into a tectonic sculpture based on parameters in a more chareographic scope, focusing on the movements of the dancer on the stage boundary. The interactions with the static elements, movement route and body height, as well as the movement interations with the ground are represented by metal beams and a wooden landscape.The sculpture could also be regarded as a space, a performance stage, from a series of reflection on how could we help Rebecca visualize and make a stage if she would plan a choreography which expresses constraints and difficulty to move.

The Forest

a Dance School hidden in a green space at Wong Tai Sin

Chiu Yiu Chun, Jay

Channel Glass Dance School


Set in a context surrounded by residential buildings, the Channel Glass Dance School aims not only to provide dancing spaces for professional dancers, but also serve as a public venue or retreat for nearby residents to fulfill its community role in the Wong Tai Sin District for artistic and cultrual activities. As its name suggests, channel glass or so called u-glass is the main material that granted the architecture its desired qualities such as lightness, translucency, and the evenly diffused daylight. Relaxing light ambience in interior spaces is achieved, in response to the programme requirement of dancing.

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